“Hippotherapy has improved Victoria’s balance. After hippotherapy her muscles are more relaxed. The hippotherapy has given her much more confidence. Victoria was afraid of animals when she started and now loves horses as well as interacting with other animals. She enjoys the entire experience at NCEFT; the riding, the other activities, caring for and brushing the horses, the stables, etc…Hippotherapy has also helped Victoria’s concentration and attention. This means more confidence and joy. What is different and so impressive about hippotherapy is its uniqueness. Our daughter does not show pictures of her other therapies or laugh and talk about them. Hippotherapy gives our daughter a unique experience to be proud of. It is the most important and beneficial therapy of the week. Victoria cannot do what her peers can in almost any way. With hippotherapy now she can do something that none of her peers ever think about trying. It is something she can be very proud of and others marvel at. Right now, Victoria’s proudest possession is the little trophy presented to her by NCEFT for a job well done!”



“The world outside one’s own home can be a cruel reminder that the disabled continue to have a hard time fitting in. Hippotherapy is more effective than traditional therapies because horses have a unique ability to motivate children to try new things. The therapy team is also instrumental in tailoring the program to meet a child’s particular needs. Fear is a looming threat — Fear of exclusion; fear of disappointment, fear of failure; fear of pain; fear of risk taking and fear of the unknown. Hippotherapy provides a safe, supportive environment in which Estevan and us (his parents) can let go of some of our fears. Hippotherapy gives Estevan ‘Joie de Vivre’, Joy of living. Estevan is, in a word, Joyful.”


“My child is 4 years old and has been receiving various forms of therapy since he was 8 months. We have been doing hippotherapy for roughly 2 years. It is always impossible to pinpoint which therapy is doing what when you have multiple, simultaneous therapies, but my gut has always been that the hippotherapy is the most effective. All you need to do is see my son on the horse and recognize the balance and strengthening skills that are being challenged to come to this conclusion.

“We travel over an hour for this service and this is a testament to how effective we think this is. In addition, the setting, interaction with beautiful, strong animals and incredible staff and volunteers make it an amazing experience.”


“We were referred for hippotherapy by an occupational therapist in our childhood development service program. Hippotherapy has helped Stefan develop his balance and coordination, build his self-confidence, learn an appreciation of horses and the outdoors. This setting seems to relax him like no other therapy is able to. He knows the drive to the center and can’t wait to hop on the horse once he arrives.

“We have seen different results due to hippotherapy than through other traditional therapies. Besides Stefan’s new joy of horses, animals (ducks and cats) and the calm outdoor setting, he has improved his attentiveness, his willingness to follow directions and his interaction with other children and adults. The therapists are obviously well trained and selected as I’ve never seen an angry child or a child so frustrated that he was made to ride a horse or asked to do something that he didn’t want to do. Stefan is very comfortable with this staff and is confident that they are always looking out for his best interest so that he may be rehabilitated to his full potential. As parents, we are glad to see a staff so dedicated to the children and adults receiving therapy. They truly love their jobs.

“Hippotherapy has helped our family to learn that the alternative therapies that are available do work and are enjoyable for Stefan. We’ve seen many families that come together at events at our center and are able to bond with them and discuss the milestones that are children have achieved and hope to achieve.”

– Jim, father of Stefan