How To Host A Course

Thank you for your interest in hosting an AHA, Inc Education Course.

In general, hosting an AHA, Inc course is most beneficial for attendees when the hosting facility is already offering therapist services at their location. Facilities should have an indoor/covered arena, staffing sufficient to handle the processing of registrations, an area appropriate for the classroom portion of the course, and be a current Facility level member of  AHA, Inc, etc.  A full list of requirements and the application process are in our current How to Host and AHA, Inc. Course Packet.  Click here for the current How to Host Packet.

The first point of contact for hosting courses is with the AHA, Inc. office. Please start the process by submitting an application to host form via fax or email attachment.  It is recommended you contact an AHA, Inc faculty member(s) to discuss their costs and availability for courses.

INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: AHA, Inc Education course hosting facilities MUST provide insurance naming AHA, Inc as an additional insured with respects to the course event – for those specific course dates.

The hosting application is on page 25 of the How to Host packet.  If you have additional questions about the hosting process or how to get started feel free to call the AHA, Inc. office at 720.369.9303 or email Seana Pratt directly at  We look forward to working with you in 2016!