Nathan harmes BOD (2)

Nathan Harms was honored to join the AHA, Inc. Board in 2013.  While Nathan is quick to say he is not a therapist, his background is in Public Health and business/economics.  His introduction to the world of equine-assisted activities and therapies came in 2007 when he started volunteering at Therapeutic Horsemanship (Wentzville, MO) while finishing his master’s degree.  What started as volunteering a couple hours once a week, quickly grew to one, two, three days a week…and, as they say, the rest is history!

It didn’t take much – Nathan was hooked after the opportunity to volunteer as a sidewalker and leader along-side TH’s physical, occupational, and speech therapists.  He was fascinated by the achievements he saw first-hand in the therapy arena and how they transcended the arena walls and were an impetus for success in many other areas of an individual’s and their family’s lives.  Nathan saw for himself that it really was “more than a pony ride” – quickly scouring the literature and connecting with related organizations, associations, and individuals to learn more and to be engaged in any way that he could.  This was Nathan’s first introduction to AHA, Inc.

Nathan’s passion for hippotherapy eventually led him to volunteer full-time at Therapeutic Horsemanship helping with special projects, development, technology, and overall organizational/business efficiency.  He continued to volunteer at least one day a week in programming.  In July 2011, Nathan was hired as TH’s Director of Operation, a new position that crosses over all parts of the organization and focuses on overseeing daily operations and ensuring that the organization is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  When not at TH or participating in outside events on behalf of the organization, Nathan loves to spend time with his 5 year old German Shepherd, Buddy, and he also volunteers his time on the Board of Directors of a local leadership program.

Nathan looks forward to continuing to meet AHA, Inc. membership and is excited to see AHA, Inc. continue to grow as it promotes excellence in the field of equine-assisted therapy.