AHA, Inc. : Introduction to Equine Skills

This course is a prerequisite to attending the four day, Level I, Hippotherapy Treatment Principles Course. Failure to complete the test successfully 3 weeks before the first day of the Level I course can result in the forfeiture of all registration fees and access to the course.

 This online course targets therapists with minimal to no horse experience, but must be taken and passed by anyone attending a Level I course regardless of your horse skill level. This online course focuses on basic horse knowledge that any therapist wishing to incorporate equine movement into their treatment toolbox should be familiar with.

Cost: $35

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AHA, Inc. Online Mentoring for Therapists:

AHA, Inc. Online Mentoring for Therapists: This AHA, Inc. course provides a way to network with other professionals who incorporate horses into their professional practice. Each week, this 4-week course offers an interactive lesson designed to connect therapists and provide ongoing mentoring after attending the AHA, Inc. Level I Hippotherapy Treatment Principles course. Because use of the equine environment is different from a clinical or school-based practice, Online Mentoring for Therapists will address the unique challenges therapists face, as well as increasing understanding of the horse and the use of equine movement. A strong understanding of our equine partners is essential to providing effective and safe therapy, and this course seeks to provide a supportive learning environment. Consider joining us! Space is limited to 20 participants per course, so register today!

Prerequisite for this course is AHA, Inc. Level I Hippotherapy Treatment Principles.

Cost: $150 

October 11th – November 8th, 2017

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AHA, Inc.: Muscles in Motion

AHA, Inc.: Muscles in Motion (Module 1): Muscles in Motion is an online course designed by therapists for riding instructors to increase knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, and disabilities in relation to horseback riding. This online course covers basic anatomical terms, impacts of disabilities on riding and teaching adaptive(therapeutic) riding lessons, and PATH precautions and contraindications. Future modules will include videos and feedback about specific disabilities, as well as guidance on how the adaptive riding instructor can address challenges they face with the participants in their riding lessons.

Course is open enrollment, self paced.

Cost: $50  

*This course is approved for a maximum of 2 hours of continuing education for PATH Intl. instructors in the following categories: Disability Education (DE), Riding Core (CR), and General Continuing Education (CE).