AHA, Inc. is a membership organization offering educational courses and resources.  We provide resources for:

  • current AHA, Inc. members incorporating equine movement into their patient’s overall plan of care;
  • therapists new to the idea of incorporate equine movement (hippotherapy) into their current OT, PT or ST practice(s);
  • therapists/medical providers interested in learning how equine movement can be incorporated into their patient’s overall plan of care and how to find providers;
  • families and/or clients seeking therapy services (OT, PT or ST) where equine movement and/or the equine environment is incorporated; and
  • third party payers.

NEW RESOURCES:  AHA, Inc. just developed (Sept. 2016) two PowerPoints, one for families and one for medical professionals titled: Introduction to OT, PT, and SLP Incorporating Hippotherapy in Clinical Practice

Therapy services incorporating equine movement and the equine environment have been recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) with letters of support since 2000.  The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has recognized equine movement and the equine environment for over 20 years as part of an SLP’s scope of practice. ASHA has formally written a letter as of October 12, 2017.  Hippotherapy is not a stand-alone therapy, it is part of a patient’s comprehensive plan of care and is recognized by national organizations in this manner.

In the column to the right you have access to all of our key resources and pages with specific resources for three non-member groups.  These resources are reviewed on an annual basis and updated as needed.  The AHA, Inc. Bibliography is reviewed and updated more frequently, as it is our goal to keep current research listed in an accessible format for all.  In our member’s only section we have one and two-page research reviews of published research from our bibliography.  Our magazine, HIPPOTHERAPY, regularly includes one and two-page research reviews of articles on our bibliography.

Our pages specific to individual groups focus on who can benefit from therapy services, who can provide therapy services, and more.  Click on the specific group to the right under “Resources for.”

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