How to join an AHA, Inc. Committee

Are you interested in joining an AHA, Inc. committee? Here are the next steps:

When you are ready to get more involved with the American Hippotherapy Association, Inc., joining a committee, is a great place to start! Here are the steps to follow:

1.   Ensure you are a member in good standing with AHA, Inc.
2.   Consider your past volunteer experience and interests to determine which committee(s) you are most interested in and your skills to assist AHA, Inc..

AHA, Inc has many active committees:

  • Social Media
    • Subcommittee: Website 
  • Professional Practice
    • Subcommittee: Research 
  • Conference
  • Membership (International Membership)
  • Marketing and Public Presence 

Once you have an idea which committee you would like to join, please contact Adria Peterson at

Your information will be shared with the appropriate Committee Chair, who will then reach out to you.

The Committee Chair will have the final say regarding your committee participation based on the committee’s needs..

Thank you!