The Treatment Connection

Hippotherapy is part of a comprehensive and unique plan of care for each patient.  In this course the therapist will begin to plan the treatment design holistically- incorporating meaningful activities that progress the patient using all your tools- your professional expertise, your patient’s strengths, manipulated equine movement, the unique environmental setting, available equipment, task analysis and adaptation and ongoing clinical reasoning.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will demonstrate how commonly used treatment strategies and theories can enhance the effectiveness of hippotherapy
  2. Participants will describe how to use a holistic approach to treat their patient
  3. Participants will describe how to maximize functional outcomes in patient-centered treatment session implementing manipulated equine movement
  4. Participants will describe how to maximize the benefits of equine movement
  5. Participants will demonstrate meaningful and contextually relevant activities can optimize treatment effects
  6. Participants will demonstrate and explain their clinical reasoning in a unique environment.
  7. Participants will describe how to incorporate typical measurements to document treatment efficacy.
  8. Participants will identify and explain safety concerns and improve safety awareness.

Pre-requisite:  AHA, Inc. Level I. Please send copy of certificate with registration

Faculty for this course:

Karen Gardner, OT, MOT, HPCS: [email protected]

Lisa Harris, PT, HPCS: [email protected]