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Welcome to The American Hippotherapy Association, Inc.

The American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization, which provides educational resources and continuing education courses for occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech language pathology professionals who incorporate equines, equine movement and the equine environment in treatment.  The AHA, Inc. believes that individuals in need of habilitation or rehabilitation are best served by skilled and licensed healthcare professionals. As such, AHA, Inc. is unique in that we are the only organization in the United States whose focus in on educating licensed healthcare professionals on therapy services incorporating equines.

What Is Hippotherapy?

The term hippotherapy refers to how occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech-language pathology professionals use evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning in the purposeful manipulation of equine movement as a therapy tool to engage sensory, neuromotor and cognitive systems to promote functional outcomes.

Best practice dictates that occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech-language pathology professionals integrate hippotherapy into the patient’s plan of care, along with other therapy tools and/or strategies.


The Benefits of Membership

AHA, Inc offers a number of membership levels each with unique benefits including course registration discounts, access to the AHA, Inc. E-Newsletter, A subscription to HIPPOTHERAPY Magazine and more. Click the button to learn more! 


American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. (AHA, Inc.) acknowledges that there are multiple barriers to equity within healthcare. These barriers include but are not limited to race, identity, and ability, and they impact both those receiving services as well as our professional members. Therapy professionals have a responsibility to acknowledge issues relative to privilege and inequity when offering services in all settings, including practices located within equine facilities and environments.  AHA, Inc. also recognizes the need for diversity within professions where equine movement and equine interactions are incorporated into treatment.