The AHA, Inc. Member Code of Ethics serves as a standard of ethics and professionalism in the conduct of therapy practice and related business for all AHA, Inc. members. Failure to act in accordance with the AHA, Inc. Member Code of Ethics may result in loss of status within the AHA, Inc. As an AHA, Inc. professional member:

  • I shall always provide professional therapy services within the scope of my professional practice act – following the national and state mandates of my professional therapy service.
  • I have read and shall uphold the AHA, Inc. Best Practices Document to the best of my knowledge and ability.
  • I shall adhere to the professional standards of the AHA, Inc. in the provision of treatment services that incorporate hippotherapy as a treatment tool within the patient’s plan of care through proper use of terminology, marketing, and treatment service delivery.
  • I shall maintain a high level of professional competence by seeking to increase my knowledge pertaining to the incorporation of hippotherapy as a treatment tool within my practice as a licensed therapy professional.
  • I shall always be mindful of both physical and emotional safety concerns for my patients, in the provision of safe and effective therapy services which incorporate hippotherapy as a treatment tool.
  • I shall continuously monitor and, when applicable, be fully responsible for the health and well-being of horses that are part of my practice - this includes accurate interpretation of their behavior, communication, and needs.  I shall ensure these horses are in good physical and mental health, adequately trained, and conditioned.
  • I shall always be mindful of the professional training and experience needed in my support staff and the hippotherapy horses utilized in my practice – which includes proper training in “horsemanship for hippotherapy” for my horse handlers and proper attention to the physical conditioning and training of the hippotherapy horse to provide the safest and most effective treatment.
  • I shall not misrepresent myself by claiming or implying professional certifications, qualifications, education, experience, affiliations that I do not possess, or treatment outcomes related to the inclusion of hippotherapy as a treatment tool within my therapy services.
  • I shall acknowledge my AHA, Inc. membership in the global community and my responsibility to act in a professional and respectful manner.
  • I shall strive to uphold the highest standards of professional integrity in the provision of therapy services that incorporate hippotherapy as a treatment tool and avoid all conduct or practice that is likely to discredit my profession or deceive the public.
  • I shall abide by this code of ethics and all other codes of ethics and standards by discussing suspected ethical concerns with the individuals involved and/or officially reporting infractions of ethical standards to appropriate sources.
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