Executive Summary

Based on a comprehensive market research survey, board interviews, and a board survey, clear themes emerged regarding the future direction of AHA, Inc.  These themes led to the establishment of key strategic focus areas.

Strategic Focus Areas

After deliberation, the board established four areas of strategic focus moving forward:

  1. Establish Long-Term Financial Stability: Create a plan to develop long-term financial stability, which includes new fundraising strategies for AHA, Inc.
  2. Improve the Quality and Breadth of Education: Create new dynamic educational offerings that have approved discipline-specific CEUs, are marketed consistently, and are supported by current technology.
  3. Enhance AHA Public Presence: Create a global public presence.  Invite conversations with partners to achieve mainstream awareness, understanding and acceptance.
  4. Explore Membership Expansion Opportunities: Appoint a visionary task force to explore and recommend membership expansion opportunities.

Next Steps

Some key next steps following the planning session are:

  • Review and validate the goals/key milestones
  • Include the strategic focus areas on board meeting agendas
  • Create a board pacing calendar incorporating key milestones/monitoring and evaluation of Strategic Plan initiatives – completed