Executive Summary

Based on board interviews and survey responses, clear themes emerged regarding the future direction of American Hippotherapy Association, Inc.  These themes led to the establishment of key strategic focus areas.

Strategic Focus Areas

After deliberation, the leadership team established four areas of strategic focus: 

  1. Membership Expansion: Innovate and implement member expansion strategies and timelines.

  2. Build Organizational Capacity:  Develop and implement a framework to enhance AHA, Inc.’s organizational capacity for staff, volunteers, and organizational leadership in areas related to role classification, strategic board development, inter-organizational communication, and volunteer bench strength. 

  3. Comprehensive Education Structure: Establish a progressive, innovative, comprehensive, and revenue-generating education structure.

  4. Strengthen Public Presence: Develop and implement a campaign to strengthen AHA, Inc.’s presence and communication with internal and external stakeholders through targeted outreach and education.