Conference Session Surveys

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PRE-CONFERENCE: Neuroplasticity for Children

KEYNOTE: From the NICU to the Global Stage


BREAK-OUT #1A: Gabe and Evie: SLP/HPOT Case Studies of Traditional Clients with Unexpected Outcomes

BREAK-OUT#1B: Effectiveness of a 6-week occupational therapy program incorporating equine movement for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

BREAK-OUT #1C: Electrical Stimulation in Coordination with Hippotherapy


BREAK-OUT #2A: American Hippotherapy Certification Board Exam Writing Workshop

BREAK-OUT #2B: Understanding Your Therapy Horse’s Brain (How to Help Your Therapy Horses Thrive)

BREAK-OUT #2C: The effects of equine assisted physiotherapy on static balance, walking performance and quality of life in people with multiple sclerosis


BREAK-OUT #3B: International status of education and practice in hippotherapy and other services


BREAK-OUT #4A: Using horses as a treatment tool for teenagers with age-appropriate cognitive level. Two case studies: PANDAS and Gastroparesis

BREAK-OUT #4B: Developmental Skills and Gait Parameters in Young Children with Developmental Delay Participating in Physical and Occupational Therapy Integrating Equine Movement

BREAK-OUT #4C: Using AI/ChatGPT to Work Smarter not Harder as a PT, OT, SLP Incorporating Horses


BREAK-OUT #5A: The Feasibility, Acceptability, and Preliminary Efficacy of Occupational Therapy using Zones of RegulationTM in Clinic and Equine Environments for Autistic Youth

BREAK-OUT #5B: Measuring up: A quick and easy, standardized assessment of functional abilities for children in physical, occupational, and speech therapy

BREAK-OUT #5C: Impact of an Occupational Therapy Ground-Based Horsemanship Program on Social Participation in Children and Youth with Disabilities: Outcomes and Future Directions

BREAK-OUT #6A: The AHCB Credentialing Exam Process – Demystified

BREAK-OUT #6B: Elevating Equine Movement: Beyond Bones and Ligaments

BREAK-OUT #6C: Infusing Family Coaching Strategies and Caregiver involvement into the Natural Setting Using Hippotherapy


BREAK-OUT #7A: A Critical Look at Weight Carrying Capacity: Is the 20% Rule Still Appropriate?

BREAK-OUT #7B: Transdisciplinary hippotherapy practice guidelines for clients with spastic cerebral palsy

BREAK-OUT #7C: Targeting Upper Extremity Function and Participation Using the Hippotherapy and the Equine Environment


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