Hosting a Course- A Hosting Facility's Perspective

Have you thought about hosting a course for the AHA, Inc. but aren’t quite sure what it entails? While the process can be daunting for first time hosts, the AHA, Inc., and Faculty are here to assist you along the way. Below is some advice and insights from facilities that have hosted an AHA, Inc. course in the past. 

What are the benefits of Hosting an AHA, Inc. course?

  • Networking with AHA, Inc. faculty 
  • Networking with other professionals in your area who are interested in utilizing hippotherapy as a treatment tool
  • A unique experience for faculty to give constructive feedback on your horses, clinic, etc. 
  • Local publicity within your area
    • News reporter
    • Photographer 
  • Grow your social media presence through the use of hashtags, stories, and tagging of course attendees
    • Encourage your attendees to do the same! 

What do I need to get started with the hosting process?

  • Facility Membership
  • Facility Questionnaire
  • Complete Intent to Host Form
  • Facility Rental Agreement with AHA, Inc. Confirm Date

As part of your Intent to Host Form, a host facility can request a specific faculty member(s) for their course. If no faculty member is requested, the AHA, Inc. office will coordinate faculty for the specific course. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Think about when is a time to host a course that will have the least impact on your clients and business.
  • Are you near major airports or hotels? Are they willing to do a block or discounted rate for the attendees?
  • Do you have relationships with local businesses who can donate food and/or drinks?
  • If someone is looking to extend their stay, what cool things are in the area for someone to do?
  • Start planning early! Communicate with your faculty to figure out the needs of the course and how the schedule will run
  • Fine-tune the horses who are going to be used in the course; from conditioning to grooming to groundwork, make sure your horses are at the top of their game
  • Look within your caseload and identify clients who would be appropriate for the needs of the course; give them plenty of time so that they can fit the course in their busy schedules. Make sure you also have back-up clients!
  • Schedule your staff/volunteers who are willing to assist with the course; from lunch runners to demo session volunteers to horse handlers, you cannot run this course alone!
  • Organize- provide folders so participants can keep their materials in once place, provide scrap paper for participants to jot questions or ideas on 
  • Check your tech the night before and make sure you have a tech person available throughout the course

The AHA, Inc. is here to assist you throughout the process- you are not alone! 

Enjoy the experience! Whether this is your first time hosting or you are a seasoned pro, there is also something that can be learned!

If you are interested in hosting an AHA, Inc. Approved Course, visit

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