Mary Helene Chaplin, PT, HPCS

Mary Helene graduated from Boston University’s Sargent College with degree in Physical Therapy and received an M.S in Health Care Administration from Salve Regina University. Mary Helene has been providing physical therapy services and including hippotherapy into her treatment plans for over 20 years. Mary Helene has extensive experience providing physical therapy to individuals with multiple developmental disabilities across the lifespan, from early intervention and school aged children to working with young through aging adults, including those with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Additionally, Mary Helene has held certification as an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) since 2012. Mary Helene has been a member of the American Hippotherapy Association since 1998, began training as a faculty member for AHA, Inc. in 2003 and became a Coordinating Faculty Member in 2007. She was recently nominated to the AHA, Inc. Board of Directors and is looking forward to serving this organization she has watched grow in leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. Mary Helene enjoys riding her 2 horses, as well as skiing and multiple water sports, when not at work or teaching.

Faculty Disclosure

Financial:  Mary Helene Chaplin is an independent contractor for the AHA, Inc. and receives a fee from AHA, Inc. for instructional services.

Non-Financial:  Mary Helene Chaplin is a member of the AHA, Inc.