Hippotherapy Treatment Principles Part I On-Site Tentative Schedule

 Day 1

 7:30 am   Registration & Introductions – Discuss therapy and equine background

 8:15 am   Review Objectives (need for continuing education credits), Hippotherapy     

                  Rationale and the AHA, Inc. description, Horse Gaits, Desirable Qualities of 

                  Equine Motion, Aspects of the Horse’s walk that can be manipulated, Training 

                  and Maintenance, Horse Handling

 9:15 am   Conformation and Movement Analysis of 3 – 4 horses

10:15 am  BREAK

10:30 am  Human and Horse Movement Interaction Posture and Balance

12:30 pm  LUNCH

1:15 pm   Tour of Facility and Tack Room

1:30 pm   Horse Handling and Safety Demonstration

2:15 pm   Leading Demo and Practicum

3:15 pm   BREAK

3:30 pm   Mounted Practicum #1 opportunity to experience 3 dimensions of motion

4:30 pm   Review and Discussion

5:00 pm   Day Concludes

Day 2

 8:00 am   Faculty demonstration and Participant practicum – Motor Tasks and Impairment

10:00 am  BREAK

10:15 am  Theory of Dynamic Systems

11:00 am  Practice Transfers with horses – Practice Emergency procedures, Side walker 

                    training, working with Horse Handler

12:00 pm  LUNCH

12:45 pm  Mounted Practicum # 2

1:45 pm   Review of mounted practicum as a treatment session Horse Selection and 

                   Patient Selection; Unique Contributions of the Horse; Position Options and 

                   Alternative Positions

3:15 pm   BREAK

3:30 pm   Treatment Teams develop treatment plan for a paper patient (group work)

5:00 pm  Day Concludes

Day 3  

8:00 am    Treatment Plan Presentations – Group Discussions

9:15 am    Practicum – Position Options & Alternative Positions

10:45 am  BREAK

11:00 am  Review of ICF model

12:00 pm  LUNCH

12:45 pm  Patient Demonstrations

2:00 pm    Discuss Patient Demonstrations and their observations; Review AHA, Inc. and 

                   PATH Intl. Relationship; AHCB and credentialing; Review other AHA, Inc. 

                   Courses; Final Question and Answer discussion

3:00 pm    Day Concludes