Psychomotor Impairments

Effectiveness of equine therapy in children with psychomotor impairment

O.del Rosario-Montejo, F.Molina-Rueda, S.Muñoz-Lasa, .M.Alguacil-Diego

Neurología (2015) 


We examine development of gross motor function compared to other psychomotor skills in patients undergoing this therapy, and analyze how this improvement affects general health status and quality of life.


We observed significant differences in overall results on the GMFM-88 between the initial and final tests and between the intermediate and final tests. Regarding the PedsQL quality of life scale, no statistically significant results were recorded.


Noticeable changes in motor control were recorded throughout the course of the intervention, which suggests that equine therapy may be appropriate treatment in cases of delayed psychomotor development.