Scheuermann’s Disease

New aspects in the treatment of Scheuermann’s disease with hippotherapy

Gottwald A, Biewald N

Zeitschrift fur Orthopadie und Ihre Grenzgebiete (1981) 


It had already been shown by clinical and x-ray examinations that various types of riding therapy exercise a favourable influence on the shape of the vertebral column. This has now been confirmed by means of analytical movement studies. Whereas the active exercises in riding therapy strengthen the musculature, especially in the region of the trunk, hippotherapy deserves special attention, since it has a considerable influence on the removal or at least reduction of segment fixation of the various parts of the spinal column. 


This form of therapy, as part of physiotherapy, is absolutely indispensable since it achieves a multitude of therapeutic aims. It is pointed out that hippotherapy does not involve any risk of damaging the intervertebral disks as a result of pressure.