AHA, Inc. 2022 International Conference Poster Presentations


Poster # 1:

Partners in Interactive Vaulting and Occupational Therapy Program on Executive Function and Social Participation in Children with Disabilities: Outcomes and Future Directions by Heather Panczykowski, DHSc, OTR/L, FAOTA

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Poster #2: 

Hippotherapy fosters high therapeutic engagement of pediatric patients by Julia Mazzarella, PT, DPT and Jill C. Heathcock, MPT, PhD

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Poster #3: 

Examining the efficacy of physiotherapy utilizing equine movement in older adults: a pilot study by Pippa Hodge, Janessa Whitfield, Jacqueline Ryan and Longlong Huang

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Poster #4: 

Case study of a patient with Long COVID (Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection, PASC): Including use of Hippotherapy in the Physical Therapy Plan of Care by Michelle Winer, PT, MSPT, HPCS

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Poster #5: 

The feasibility of an adaptive pillow to enable AAC use during hippotherapy-incorporated speech-language intervention sessions by Anna Cannone, MA, CCC-SLP, Allison Gladfelter, PhD, CCC-SLP, Emma Sergeant 

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Poster #6: 

Effects of Networking on Hippotherapy by  C A F E R Y I L D I R I M , S U K R U T O R U N , F A T M A S U L T A N K I L I C , K B C A R M A N , A U N , M E R V E B I T K I N , U G U R B I L G E , I B R A H I M S E R D A R K O C A R , N I S A N U R T E M E L

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Poster #7: 


Increased physiological coupling may account for improvement in social behavior in a child with ASD after a 6-week HPOT: a case study by King, K., Godden, E., Smith, K., Peck, K., Katsavelis, D., Almazloum, M., Kyvelidou, A.

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Poster #8:

Some Indicators of Welfare in Therapy Horse by Merve BİTKİN , Cafer YILDIRIM , Ali Ekber ÜN

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Poster #9:

The Effects of Physical Therapy Delivered as an Intensive Model Incorporating Equine Movement on a Child with Mild Intellectual Disability and Chiari Malformation: A Case Study by Elizabeth Biesemeyer, SPT, Patricia New-Jenkins, DPT

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